Construction time tracking software

The construction industry faces many unique needs when it comes to managing their workforce. A typical construction business needs to optimize labor costs, track workers across construction sites and ensure each individual job site is completed and clients are happy.

There are many time tracking software solutions available, but few support the remote nature of construction workers. With a supporting construction time clock app, a range of time tracking features and dashboards, Movo enables leaders to manage the entire team, eliminate human errors and ensure an accurate payroll.

Monitor construction workers across job sites

Time tracking in the construction industry is not so easy. With workers clocking in at different hours, across multiple job sites and for numerous projects, there’s a lot of data points to track. Digital time tracking helps streamline much of this manual work, whilst also solving many of the challenges of trying to track time across such a diverse workforce

Construction time clock app

Movo’s companion mobile platform acts as a construction time card app for your workers. This way, workers can independently clock in and out of shifts, with all data sent from their construction time clock apps to shift leaders, who can then easily track time, determine billable hours and progress towards job site progress.

Anti-fraud features

With our unique anti time-fraud features, you can gather accurate time data, safe in the knowledge that workers can’t claim additional hours or find loopholes in the system. For teams that manage remote workers, this can eliminate the costs of employee time theft and pave the way to efficient project management.

GPS location tracking

By tracking location data, you can always be extra sure of where your construction and field crews are. More than just time tracking, this helps leaders ensure their workers are at specific job sites, as required, helping to further track proper attendance.

Integrated payroll processing & job costing

Want to calculate the full costs for your latest construction project? By integrating with your payroll and accounting software, Movo can automate much of the manual work behind client billing.

  • Thanks to our construction time tracking app, workers are clocking in and out.
  • Movo’s construction timesheet app then calculates all of these hours, giving you real time information on who worked and when.
  • All of this can be collated in dashboards and measured via set time periods.
  • Each pay period, you already have all the hours worked for each employee.
  • This can also be used for job costing processes and calculating final costs for completed projects.

All of this makes Movo’s construction time tracking software not only a powerful tool for shift schedulers and on-site supervisors, but also HR departments and accountants too.

Movo's additional benefits

More than just construction time tracking software, Movo also helps construction businesses schedule shifts. Our project tracking features let you monitor progress on each project or job site, so you know when work is on schedule.

What’s more, AI forecasting can help you determine how many workers are needed for upcoming shifts, adapt schedules as necessary and ensure workers are available.

If that’s not enough, Movo also provides automated shift scheduling, supports employees in swapping shifts easily and helps leaders manage the time-off of workers.

For employees, Movo also has built-in communication, giving construction workers an all-in-one way to not only track time, but to communicate with schedulers and others as needed.

Companies have already discovered the many benefits of Movo, with People Operations teams increasing their productivity by 500%, while also increasing overall company productivity by as much as 20%!

Data driven decisions for the construction industry

More than a construction time tracking app, Movo helps leaders to make informed decisions. Manage labor costs and productivity by gaining more accurate information on your construction workers. Know who starts work on time, which teams are the most effective and where improvements need to be made.

Construction timesheet software that's easy to use

Movo is cloud-native, so there’s no challenge in installing it. What’s more, it’s easy to integrate with your existing systems, so you’re quickly getting to grips with our innovative time tracking system.

Save costs, track time more effectively and get a full view of your construction workers across the company.

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