Increase frontline workforce productivity up to 20%
Eliminate time-fraud and reduce OT by up to 50%
Decrease your time-to-hire by up to 80%
Increase HR Operations productivity by 4-5x

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Workforce Automation

Always-on mobile workforce management and employee scheduling software to help you automatically optimize your roster in real-time to match your labor forecast.

  • Mobile supervisor portal that empowers your frontline managers with the insights and data to maximize their effectiveness and engage their teams
  • Smart employee scheduling features that optimize the roster to match demand with individual employee productivity and availability
  • Mobile timekeeping with the latest in advanced anti-time-fraud algorithms runs on any hardware
  • Customizable attendance rules, tracking and compliance policies
  • Employer agnostic FTEs, contractors, and blended teams

HR Automation

Software to automate your time and resource-intensive front and back-office HR operations, freeing up your HR team to focus on the (human) work that matters most.

  • Internal talent marketplace streamlines and supercharges internal mobility and upskilling
  • Automated credential verification, employment standards compliance and employee onboarding
  • Algorithmic skill matching powered by real-world data on the success of current and past employees
  • Modern mobile-first hiring and onboarding experience employees love, that integrates with and/or replaces legacy ATS, HRIS, ERP
  • Automated employee time-card review & approval (or supervisor-in-loop)
  • Payroll processing/APIs for integrating to your legacy processor

Employee Engagement

Supercharge your Workplace Culture and Retention with Movo’s modern Employee Engagement Features

  • A mobile app employees and supervisors want to use all day every day
  • Our secure chat and employee communications technology keeps information flowing across your workforce 24-7: 1-to-1, groups, and blasts
  • Movo’s out-of-the-box functionality includes an enterprise social network that supports virtuous employee engagement on and off the clock — posts, comments, milestones
  • Gamification of employee experience with point-based systems (XP), spot employee incentives, and employee quests and badges
  • With Movo’s automated Learning Management System (LMS) and upskilling features, your employees can plug into stretch opportunities, cross-train, and build their professional credentials
  • Movo’s early wage access (EWA) technology can seamlessly integrate into your payroll, giving employees the choice when they want to be paid

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