Are You Also Facing the Desktop Dilemma?

❌ The entire employee lifecycle in a company is faster than ever before, and older HR technology simply can’t keep up with the mobility needs of the modern workforce. Effectively managing a workforce and maintaining engagement with only desktop HR tools is challenging. They’re not enough for expanding teams working in hybrid, remote, or multiple locations.

✅ You need a more adaptable solution for easy employee communications, enhancing engagement, and cultivating positive employee experience. AI-powered mobile technology fits this need.

That’s why moving to Movo is the best choice.

Movo Employee Experience App: A Simple Way to Supercharge Employee Experience

Employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Our employee experience solution will help meet their needs for recognition, relationship building, integration, and trust.

Efficient Team Communication:

Stay in constant contact with your employees through secure chat and blasts. Ensure they are kept up to date on workplace activities. Movo is the only HCM platform integrating secure company-wide communications with an internal employee social network.

24/7 Virtuous Employee Engagement:

Enhance employee retention and engagement with a gamified experience that includes point-based systems (XP), spot incentives, and employee quests and badges. Movo engages your team 20 times more effectively than other HR software.

Convenient Performance Management and Performance Tracking:

Boost employee productivity with key features like automatic shift-balancing/substitution, real-time task management, and people analytics. Movo provides intuitive dashboards that simplify team situation assessments and helps to track key performance indicators.

Fast Onboarding for New Hires:

Automate HR managers’ administrative tasks in recruitment, speed up onboarding, and win over employees. Movo provides mobile-first automation, hiring and onboarding employees 90% faster than any other HR technology (in just two minutes!).

Stronger Company Culture:

Nurture a positive workplace culture through an integrated social network, acknowledgment of career milestones, and interactive commenting options. Movo enhances your business outcomes by focusing on employee recognition.

Improved Employer Branding:

Gain a reputation as a fair employer and strengthen your employer branding with a transparent salary process. Movo provides earned wage access (EWA) technology that can seamlessly integrate into your payroll process, enabling employees to choose when they receive their pay.

Why is Movo Better Than Other Employee Experience Apps?

Movo isn’t just about managing your workforce; it’s about maximizing your Human Capital ROI for every team, everywhere. Choosing Movo for your Employee Experience needs means choosing excellence.

Proven Solutions:

✔️ Trusted by over 50 leading global companies.

✔️ Robust user base with more than 70,000 active users monthly.

✔️ Over 600,000 new hires managed.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

✔️ 20% increase in return on human capital investment.

✔️ 5x increase in HR professionals productivity compared to traditional methods.

✔️ 50% faster career development pace for frontline employees.

Optimized Personnel Operations:

✔️ High-quality management of various Human Resources processes with optimized automations.

✔️ Mobile portal for supervisors offering valuable insights and data to maximize situational efficiency.

✔️ Algorithmic skill matching, powered by AI and Machine Learning, based on real data about the successes of current and former employees.

Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

✔️ Intuitive mobile app that team members frequently use, even up to 50 times a day.

✔️ Self-service features like shift swapping and dynamic scheduling.

✔️ Corporate social network fostering employee recognition with posts, comments, and milestones.

Gamified Experience:

✔️ Motivation through fun with gamification features such as XP points, rewards, and challenges.

Streamlined Communication:

✔️ Constant contact with your team through secure corporate chat and comprehensive employee communication platform: 1-to-1, groups, and streaming messages.

✔️ Active internal talent market, enhancing mobility and facilitating skill development.

✔️ Access to a single source of HR data with a fully functional global HRIS system.

Can an Employee Experience Platform Really Increase Employee Engagement at the Company?

❌ Imagine that you’re not effectively managing Employee Experience, or you’re attempting to manage it manually. Where will that lead you? Nowhere.

✅ Employee Experience isn’t a single process; it’s the sum of experiences from various processes, and to leverage it to your advantage, you need the right tool. An Employee Experience platform like Movo, designed with a mobile-first approach, will be precisely that tool.

Efficient Communication:

Movo fosters a sense of community and open dialogue within the team, utilizing built-in social networks, instant messaging, and forums. Responses and updates provide employees with information and engagement.

Recognition and Rewards:

Movo boosts employee morale and motivation through features like recognizing achievements, gamification, and tracking employee milestones.

Career Development:

Movo supports employee development with a built-in Learning Management System (LMS), an internal job board/marketplace, and proprietary job-matching technology.

Real-Time Feedback Mechanisms:

Movo enables 1-on-1 meetings, making it easier to give and receive feedback from both colleagues and management, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Work-Life Balance:

Movo offers features like dynamic scheduling and AI-powered shift balancing to help employees maintain a balance between work and personal life, as well as their mental health, leading to increased job satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights:

Movo features real-time people analytics and dashboards, allowing leadership to make informed decisions to enhance the work environment.

Take care of your most valuable asset – your people, with our user-friendly Employee Experience solution.

Try Movo. Drive towards your business outcomes with real-time data at your fingertips.

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Employee Experience App: FAQ

What is an Employee Experience App, in a nutshell?

An Employee Experience app, designed to enhance various aspects of an employee’s journey in a company, streamlines HR processes and improves the overall work experience. From onboarding process to engagement analytics, communication, recognition, and professional development. This tool also helps employees’ well-being, stress management and supports their mental health. It can function as part of a larger HCM platform or as a stand-alone tool.

Who owns employee experience?

That’s a very interesting question! Intuitively, we know that each team member owns their experiences. However, when it comes to the company, things get more complex. Experiences are not controlled by one department or group exclusively. It’s something shared, a sum of certain elements created by:

📌 Company leaders who set the tone for organizational culture to enhance employee experience.

📌 The HR department, playing a central role in managing, tracking employee progress and improving employee engagement.

📌 Cross-functional teams that provide the best employee experience tools, care for the engaging work environment and employee comfort.

The quality of collaboration between these groups is what ultimately shapes the positive employee experience.

My competitors use collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams for their audio and video conferencing needs. Do you also provide such options?

While Microsoft Teams is primarily a collaboration platform focusing on audio and video conferencing, Movo offers a unique set of features tailored to enhance the mobile employee experience. Although our platform includes audio and video conferencing capabilities for conducting 1-on-1 meetings and group discussions, our core strength lies in advanced messenger features. These features are particularly effective for managing mobile teams, as they offer easy access to conversation histories and shared training materials while fostering continuous communication.

Do you offer a demo or a free trial?

How does a demo presentation sound to you? We’d love to show you around! Reach out to us to see how your employees can benefit from our Employee Experience app.

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