Meeting the needs of today's HR

Modern HR processes need to make cost savings and optimized differences at every step. From knowing which employees are performing the best, to fixing gaps in the shift schedules, there’s a lot of raw data to process.

  • Increase your overall productivity by 20%
  • Improve your people team’s operational efficiency by 500%

Movo answers all of these needs with advanced analytics, data visualization and automated workforce planning to get the most from your team.

Here’s a breakdown on how Movo’s people analytics tools can help our HR teams achieve business success.

In-depth HR analytics

HR teams need more than just company-level performance data. The best talent management comes from people data at an individual level.

Movo provides custom people analytics to measure performance, attendance and task management for every person in the team.

  • Custom dashboards to view all the data you need.
  • Data visualizations help to review vast volumes of people’s data and discover insights easily.
  • Powerful business data to help HR leaders make shift management as cost effective as possible.

Real-time HR data

In busy environments, there’s a lot to process. Utilizing this raw data will help uncover new ways to improve performance. Empower your people analytics team with easy-to-use tools that offer immediate insights and actions via data driven decision making.

  • Up to date information on current shifts and alerts for late employees.
  • Adjust task management on the fly, in response to changing situations.
  • View shift progress and ensure your teams are on track to hit their targets.

Machine learning support

More than just automation, Movo’s analytics platform includes advanced artificial intelligence to help in a variety of essential tasks. Not only does this save time, it provides bigger insights that would previously go unnoticed.

  • Automatically adjust schedules inline with forecasted demand
  • Update gaps in shifts with available employees on the go
  • Utilize algorithmic skill matching to find the best employees for tasks.

Employee experience and engagement

Movo has a range of tools to help HR business partners and teams to get the most from every employee. Train, develop and review performance effortlessly. With a digital clock and communication app, Movo offers a suite of benefits to help employee’s make the most of their work opportunities.

  • The internal talent marketplace supports talent management and employee development opportunities.
  • In-app communications help shift leaders and workers keep in contact at all times.
  • With an automated Learning Management System, workers can also cross-train in other areas of the business.

A powerful recruitment tool

More than just talent management, Movo can support teams in their recruitment and talent sourcing needs. Make employee experience a priority as early as the recruitment process!

  • A mobile-first hiring process that meets the busy, on-the-go approach of modern HR.
  • Onboarding experiences built into the app to help new recruits get to work as quickly as possible.
  • Performance reviews and historical people data to help employees improve their performance within the company.

Easy to implement

As a cloud-native solution, Movo’s people analytics platform is easy to implement, works quickly and is easy to get to grips with. It’s designed to make every process quicker and faster, enabling business success through employee retention, improved performance and cost efficiency.

What’s more, our early wage access (EWA) technology ensures Movo can seamlessly integrate with your payroll solutions. This way, all your data sources are connected, ensuring information is never lost between processes.

Easy to use

Movo provides a new way to work. By automating the more mundane and time consuming HR processes, leaders and managers are free to focus on what matters: people!

From communication and reporting to upskilling and automated scheduling, Movo makes the most of people’s data whilst providing a positive employee experience. See who is available, who performs the best and find the easiest areas for improvement.

The best people analytics software for your business

Movo is designed from the ground-up to help HR teams make data informed talent decisions, while giving shift leaders the tools they need to plan workloads and ensure business goals are met.

You don’t need data scientists to make the most of HR data. Discover a powerful people analytics solution that helps your People Operations Teams do more each and every day.

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