If you enjoy driving and are interested in making it into a career, you have many job opportunities to choose from. While some jobs require a CDL, commercial drivers license, we’re spotlighting non-CDL driving jobs in this post.

What is a Non-CDL Driving Job

CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. This type of license is required to operate large, heavy, or high-risk vehicles. CLDs are classified into three classes. A Class C CDL is required to operate a vehicle carrying 16 or more passengers, a vehicle containing hazardous materials, or a small tow-truck. A Class B CDL is required to drive a city bus, a box truck, or a dump truck. And a Class A CDL is required to drive a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, livestock carrier, or other large vehicle.

To obtain a CDL you need to go through a process involving written and practical tests and fill out paperwork at the DMV. The exact process varies depending on your state but it can take about seven weeks to complete.

The good news is that there are many driving job opportunities that you can find even without a CDL! As long as you have a regular driver’s license and are eligible to work in the U.S. these jobs are excellent options to explore. Browse the list below to learn about them.

Delivery Driver
You can find delivery driver jobs everywhere these days. Many local restaurants and shops hire delivery drivers as do national firms like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and GoPuff. These roles can earn you around $20/hour but sometimes offer more depending on the current demand for drivers and your location.

Chauffeur or Personal Driver
Limousine companies around the U.S. hire chauffeur drivers who are then sent out to clients that connect with the company. Chauffeur jobs often require drivers to wear suits and polished shoes. Chauffeur’s can earn around $25 to $35 depending on the company you work for and your locations.

A courier’s job is to transport documents or items between locations. Couriers are often hired to transport items that are too important or sensitive to be sent by regular mail, such as lab samples, hospital records, legal documents, and art. Couriers are often employed by a courier company that sends drivers out to clients who need them. However, some couriers may be employed by a single organization like a law firm or hospital. Couriers earn around $18 to $20 per hour.

Scooter Deployers
Have you ever ridden a Bird or Lime scooter to zip around town. These electric scooters are taking many cities by storm and can be found scattered around the sidewalks of most metropolitan areas. All scooter companies – Lime, Bird, Jump, Skip, Spin – employ drivers who gather up these scooters and place them in convenient areas of the city for people to use. These non-CDL drivers also retrieve broken scooters and bring them back to the warehouse for repairs. Scooter deployers/drivers can earn about $20 to $25 per hour.

Van Driver
Unless you’re shuttling more than sixteen people, you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to operate a small van. Van drivers may be employed to transport small groups of people to and from work or around a large industrial complex. They may also be employed to deliver packages using sprinter vans. Amazon, for example, is a large employer of sprinter van drivers. These roles earn about $20 to $25 per hour.

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