“We started to feel like there was something bigger here, that this could be transformational,” says Jason Radisson, co-founder and CEO of Sh1ft, which brings push button technology to blue collar and middle class work, and is transforming HR in the B2B spaces by implementing gig economy-style automation and efficiency. Sh1ft promises to eliminate 80 to 90 percent of a traditional HR employee’s role by resolving issues such as schedule inefficiencies and time fraud. Sh1ft is currently making great strides in the professions of engineering, construction, and nursing.

Born to a young, single mother, Jason learned early on from the people around him both the value of hard work and the value of education to upskill and land better jobs. He and Brendan discuss good and bad reasons for attending school and in what instances attending top schools, like his alma mater Harvard, is a worthwhile pursuit. He explains how certain companies become like mafias and why that’s a good thing.

Later, he explains why the white collar job sector will be saturated in the future, the transformation of local markets into national ones, and what’s in store for blockchain and crypto. Brendan describes the two classes of skills which will guarantee success in the modern economy.

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