Welcome to The Mobile Workforce Podcast! In this week’s episode, we dive into the potential of AI and automation technology to revolutionize workforce management, hiring processes, and productivity. Our guest speaker, CEO Jason Radisson, shares his insights on how AI can automate parts of the hiring process, expedite new hires, and improve efficiency. But that’s not all. We also discuss HR Tech and its role in creating a smooth onboarding process. Our guest emphasizes the importance of building engaging software to increase employee engagement and streamline the hiring process. The software automates compliance tasks and paperwork, allowing HR professionals to focus on valuable personal interactions with employees. We also explore how AI can be utilized in scheduling to improve productivity and efficiency, which is especially critical for companies employing large numbers of people. In fact, job matching is a common AI application in workforce management and onboarding. The technology has been adapted from yield management algorithms used in the airline industry and is now being used to proactively reach out to candidates who are a good fit. With the adoption of AI in the white-collar workforce at around 80-90%, with implications for future productivity.

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