The gig economy, also known as the on-demand or freelance economy, is a rapidly growing sector of the global workforce. It is an economy that allows people to work independently in short-term, freelance jobs instead of traditional long-term employment. The gig economy is now seen as an effective solution to the global shortage of skilled front-line workers. By taking advantage of this new way of working, companies can access a larger pool of talented individuals willing to take on short-term projects or assignments, helping businesses fill their staffing gaps quickly and easily without going through the traditional hiring process.

Join this conversation with Jason Radisson as we discuss the advantages of using a gig economy in solving global workforce shortages and how it can benefit employers and employees. Jason Radisson is a serial unicorn breeder. His latest venture is Shift One, where he is the Founder & CEO, a platform that is helping solve the global shortage of skilled front-line workers, with more than 300,000 users, from nurses to solar technicians. Jason learned startup skills early in life.

Jason was born to a 16-year-old single mom and worked blue-collar jobs from short order cook to HVAC technician to fund school and climb out of poverty. From that inauspicious start, he went on to Harvard, a Fulbright Scholarship, and McKinsey & Company. Since becoming an entrepreneur, Jason has worked with more than a dozen first-tier VCs, firms like Softbank, Accel, DST, Andreessen Horowitz, Monashees, and Sequoia. Together he and his teams have built and scaled multiple tech unicorns, platforms that today provide work and improved living standards to millions of workers from Bogota to Boston.

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