In this episode, host James Mackey and his guest Jason Radisson, CEO at Movo, delve into the evolving landscape of AI and its impact on software companies, particularly in the realms of recruitment and HR.

They explore the deeper implications and discuss how it will shape the future of talent acquisition and organizational dynamics. They navigate the intricate balance between harnessing AI’s capabilities while preserving the irreplaceable human connections.

They tackle essential questions such as whether software companies will develop their own in-house AI products or rely on licensed solutions from a select few major providers who have mastered the intricacies of AI.

The discussion touches upon the resistance to AI, the impact of bias in hiring systems, changing roles in the workplace, and the evolving relationship between humans and AI.

They also discuss the evolving dynamics between large companies and startups in the AI era which raise intriguing questions about competitiveness, differentiation, and the strategies of both entities.

Lastly, they debate what role regulation is going to play in slowing down AI efficiencies so that the global economy has the ability to transition employment.

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