In this episode, our hosts Jerry Lewis and Neil Syme talk with Jason Radisson, founder of Movo (, formerly with Rapi, 99 Taxis, Uber and McKinsey about the Gig Economy, the role of labor in families struggling to get by, the evolution of tech and platforms to support blue collar, highly skilled and high volume workers, the similarity between gig economy HR platforms and massively multiplayer online games, skill and experience tracking and transparency, the altruistic role these platforms can play in terms of worker empowerment, wage equalization, equal pay for equal work, market value for skills, how marketplace modalities apply to high volume mobile workforces, how the next generation(s) of workers want to interact with employers, each other, and how they want to be treated, the evolution of hybrid work models, how labor platforms like Movo can bring clarity and structure to labor markets, labor management and labor participation in developing economies and finally how legacy firms like most large oil and gas companies might adopt gig-economy tech for something like HR and workforce management.

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