Sh1ft (pronounced Shift One) is transforming frontline labor. By expanding on the power of the gig economy, the company has created a platform that gives individuals all the tools and resources to find frontline jobs in high-demand fields, while giving employers the labor force they need.

But it’s about so much more than connecting people with jobs.

Founder and CEO Jason Radisson is a champion for leveraging technology to make lives better – and now he’s applying it to a field that has needed disruption for a long time: HR. His team at Sh1ft founded the company on a mission to “inspire and develop the blue-collar workforce of tomorrow.”

In this episode, we learn about how Sh1ft has taken the foundations of the gig economy and applied them to multiple frontline industries, like warehousing, logistics, distribution, healthcare and manufacturing. The platform is designed to help individuals access quality, stable jobs that can jumpstart a career, while employers have the benefit of data-driven HR tools that can optimize their personnel investments.

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